Madeleine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a U.S. based biotech firm seeking to develop Vastiras® as a leading drug therapy with cardio-renal benefits. To learn more about Vastiras® see the Dedicated Vastiras Website

Madeleine is pursuing Food & Drug Administration (“FDA”) approval for the manufacture and marketing of Vastiras® - formulated to address the recurrence of cardio-renal symptoms in heart failure (“HF”) patients prior to and immediately after hospital discharge, which is when they are most vulnerable. Vastiras® has been given to over 80 people to date with clear evidence of safety and efficacy in various stages of HF and when given via various routes. For the first time in the development of a drug to address this ever growing unmet clinical need, Madeleine has shown clinical utility with a subcutaneous (under the skin) application such that over time, the company and its advisors envisaged a self-administration type of therapy such as with the use of insulin in managing the symptoms of diabetes.

Madeleine is developing Vastiras® and two further natural protein replacement therapies that not only can provide additional care in the hospital but at home and during the development of acute exasperations of congestion. Madeleine is pioneering patient centric care and the firm’s focus in on providing families more time together at home avoiding hospitalization and recurrent admissions.

In 2015, Madeleine updated its corporate structure in anticipation of managing and leading the clinical development programs in the U.S. by gaining unencumbered access to the patents and intellectual property in Madeleine Pty Ltd (Australia). By virtue of its offshore location, Madeleine Pty maintains an Australian presence for Madeleine Inc. for access to regional grants, research expertise and Asian markets among other benefits.

Madeleine is supported by an experienced management team, board of directors, and a group of the leading clinical investigative advisors practicing at the forefront of medicine who are day by day changing the paradigm of care. Referred to as “same day access” clinics, their prestigious institutions and care facilities are treating patients who experience signs of early congestion and worsening heart failure outside the hospital and before they crash. Complex diseases such as heart failure demand simple care regimes. Madeleine has its sight set on leading that simplification and reduction to practice.